Lisbon : You have a place in my Heart !

 Watercolour of Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Lisbon.

Watercolour of Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Lisbon.

Lisbon is a beautiful and charming city. Set amongst rolling hills and a river adjoining the coast, there's a seemingly endless array of romantic vistas overlooking cobbled streets and rooftops. In a week we managed to wander most areas in the centre, revealing more and more of its eclectic history as we ventured into the exciting Senegalese and Indian districts. A city with a multitude of little bars and eateries, it's the ideal place to spend your busking money as soon as you've earned it. 

  Live music can be found in bars around in the city and we saw some really great local acts, although licensing issues seemingly keeps a few venues offering the majority of live music. That said, busking is abundant and very much in full swing! We saw a range of performers playing freely to the crowds and it seemed pretty much fine to crack the guitar (and drum kit) out at virtually any spot. There's a great lookout spot in Santa Catarina which has busking and friendly folk talking the night away; just around the corner from where we filmed this version of my new song 'Chasing Time'. 

  Also keen to make the most of the lovely natural reverb in the airbnb kitchen, I made a video of a new tune 'In This Room' written recently on the road. Let me know what you think, always excited to bring new tunes into my live show! 

   So if you're a musician on the go and fancy a trip to Lisbon, it comes thoroughly recommended by me. The people are friendly and good to musicians, which is always nice, and it's an inspiring place to be busking, writing and gigging.  Bravo! Next stop Aljuzur! 

Big thanks to Claire Ji for film-making, and arranging this little surprise excursion to Lisbon. Silently crafting away a brilliant set of new songs, watch this space for her new solo material - coming very soon! More at: