Sennen Timcke is an English born singer-songwriter inspired by classic American and British Folk music. With a voice that is unique and compelling; and a deft finger-picking and rhythmic guitar style, his friendly and humorous stage presence allow him to play honest and heartfelt songs in an engaging and sincere way. From busking around the UK and Europe to playing in pubs, concert halls and UK music festivals, Sennen is a busy circuit acoustician (with & without band) displaying intensity of songwriting which hauls him ahead of the pack.

After a storming reception at Lyme Regis Folk Festival in 2015 and a sell out show at the Marine Theatre supporting the Headliners in Eliza and Martin Carthy in 2016, Sennen also made an appearance on the Chai Wallahs stage at Shambala Festival where his track ‘Circumstances’ featured as track 2 of the official Shambala CD. The start of 2017 sees Sennen being shortlisted for the preliminary rounds of the 2017 London Coffee Festival in Brick Lane, London.

Playing sets solo, duetting with singer Claire Ji or performing with a full band, Sennen’s show will take you on a heartfelt journey, exploring what it means to be human. Combining melodic, classic songwriting with upbeat rhythms and foot-stomping choruses, his music has been compares to Ben Howard, Paul Simon and James Taylor, harking back to the golden era of folk music.

Now on tour around the UK and Europe promoting his new EP ‘Closer Now’.

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We had the pleasure of sharing a Brizzle stage with the very talented Sennen Timcke.... here’s his delicious new EP - give it a spin to ease your ears into the morning!
— Gwyneth Herbert
Hugely enjoyable. It resounds with driving and rhythmic acoustic-based tunes….Ben Howard wouldn’t be a stretch comparison.
This new release from Sennen Timcke has been my soundtrack to Sunday morning.
— Redwood Photography
“Raw and heartfelt, showcasing superior songwriting skills…”. “Definitely one to watch”
Pure Heart, Pure Talent
— Grain Barge, 2016
Totally Majestic, You Could Hear a Pin-drop!
— Audio Bay Management, 2016
Sennen Timcke gives his thoughtful lyrics a simmering anthem quality
— The Canteen, Bristol 2017


Rummaging through the new releases section of bandcamp while enjoying the first coffee of Sunday morning has almost become a ritual for me now.

More often than not, stepping through the myriad of music on offer yields little of real interest (some people’s interpretation of ‘acoustic & folk’ always intrigues me).  Nonetheless, I choose to stick to with it as I’ll occasionally happen on something that becomes my soundtrack for the rest of the day.

Such was the case with this album from Sennen Timcke an artist who, despite having a clearly signposted and well laid out press-kit on his site (take note other artists who want to make it easy to be written about), I still don’t know very much about, not even which part of the country he calls home.

Not that it matters, because all that matters is that the album is hugely enjoyable.  It resounds with driving and rhythmic acoustic-based tunes….Ben Howard wouldn’t be a stretch comparison.  Definitely more contemporary than traditional, the collection nonetheless has this kind of ‘bluegrass’ sense about it which I think is borne from Sennen’s vocal, which isn’t the most technically perfect…in fact there’s nothing technically perfect about anything here…but that’s clearly not the point.  The album evokes emotion, transporting the listener’s feeling of time and place, as all great music does…and in that sense it’s remarkably successful.

Won’t attempt to describe it any further other than to provide a link below and encourage you to check it out for yourself.  I’m now on my third play and my enthusiasm for this record is still going strong.

New interview is up - we spoke to the excellent singer songwriter Sennen Timcke about how he works, the challenges he faces and what tools he uses.

In this interview with Sennen Timcke, we to try and understand how he works, the challenges he faces and what tools he uses.

Sennen is a singer songwriter currently based in the South West of England. He’s been focussed on both writing and recording over the last few years – his first EP, ‘From Now On’ came out in 2013 and he has a new album ‘Closer Now’ set for release this spring. At present he’s in Barcelona on a long tour of Europe, playing live everyday, exploring different cities and towns, and perfecting his performance.

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